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Little Free Spirits

Updated: May 6, 2023

I am soo grateful I came across Ashleigh and chose her to help me with setting up a new website for my business. I was feeling very scared and unsure at first and when I came across her work I knew straight away its who I wanted and so I made it happen. Boy was I right, i'm so glad I went through By Sage Studio. Ashleigh is FAST, clever, she gets me, she knew what I wanted and created it perfectly, knowledgeable, did an amazing photo shoot, helped with much more than I had hoped for and just generally did the best job ever! Im pretty particular and like things to be perfect (I'm a virgo) so generally just do it on my own but I couldn't of had anyone better! I still message her for help and she responds straight away and always makes sense too. Highly recommend this lovely human and her offerings.